Granite Bay Strength & Conditioning

Welcome to Granite Bay Strength and Conditioning, where we redefine fitness and empower individuals to train with purpose.

Who We Are

Building fitness is building your body and confidence

Welcome to Granite Bay Strength and Conditioning, where we redefine fitness and empower individuals to Train with Purpose.  Granite Bay Strength and Conditioning is a 2780 sq ft facility, located the Treelake Shopping Center at 9711 Village Center Drive #100, Granite Bay, 95746. 

Owner/Coach has a Master Degree in Exercise Physiology combined with 30 years of experience training youth and adults on fitness and sport conditioning.

All clients receive a meticulously tailored program to meet the unique needs, goals, and abilities of each individual client.

The facility boasts a selection ot cardiovascular machines, strength training and functional training equipment.

Dietary suggestions developed that are personalized, and designed to support optimal health, performance, and well-being.

Classes Program

We provide the best service of being healthy.

All classes are 60 minutes and classes are scheduled at various times  to accommodate different schedules, all classes have limited space. Clients can browse through the available classes via a smartphone app and reserve a spot in the class of their choice.

High Intensity Interval Training

A workout strategy involving short bursts of intense exercise alternated with brief periods of rest or lower-intensity activity

Sports Strength and Conditioning

Focuses on the specific physical demands of a particular sport

Personal Training

Strengthening the muscles core while improving flexibility, stability, and range of motion throughout the body

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Pricing Plan

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Free Week of Training


0 / No Obligation

What's included :


HIIT 2x Week

High Intensity Interval Training


445 / Month

What's included :

Semi-Private 2x Week


590 / Month

What's included :

Be the Best Version of Yourself Through Fitness

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